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Thank you so much for visiting my web site! Please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments you might have. I am always available to talk with you in greater detail.  -Craig

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Connect The Breath

Breathwork is an amazingly efficient tool for personal and spiritual growth. In one session you can experience a feeling of stillness, well-being and total harmony. This is the American version of Prana Yoga. And while the experience exceeds any words that can be used to describe it, the process of Breathwork is simple.


Please take an opportunity to read through this site. In a general way I have tried to convey the technique, its benefits and its implications for physical self-healing and spiritual development. Based in Palm Springs, California, I've enjoyed two amazing years working with individuals at Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa, as well as clients in the Los Angeles area.  For inquiries, please contact me using the "Contact Us" page. I am aways open and available for questions and comments regarding this deeply rewarding practice.


I would encourage anyone who would like to experience a Breathwork session to enter it with a sense of wonder and excitement. In order to receive the greatest gifts that Spirit wants to bring to you, simply let go. Your work is to let go absolutely and allow this beautiful event to unfold.

- Craig Ferree

Photo Credit: Franz Rodriguez

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