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Each Breathwork session lasts about an hour. In preparation, clients are asked to not eat a heavy meal up to two hours before we begin the work. Clothing should be loose fitting and comfortable. I encourage people to wear socks which may sound funny but, feet can get cold! A blanket is always available.


The breath we use is a deep and relaxed circular breath. For the first ten minutes we’ll practice a medium breath, possibly with a light accompaniment of music in the background to ease the client down into the self. After that point, the rhythm is picked up as the breath is pulled on the inhale, allowed to fall with the natural weight of the chest on the exhale, and caught quickly again with the next inhalation of breath.


At the end of 30 minutes and with the use of specific affirmations, the client drifts into the deepest layers of the self. With this downward drift, physical and emotional sensations arise, are noted without judgment and released. The barriers we create to self preservation dissolve and we let go absolutely into what can be described as a non-dual state, our true Self or to many: a direct physical experience of Spirit.


The session can be profound. Sometimes in our first few sessions the client will experience mild tightness of muscles, tingling in the hands or feet, feelings of heat or cold, but all of these eventually disappear as energetic flow in the body is restored. Breathwork is work. When we enter the session we’re doing so not just for the fantastic realizations we may have about ourselves, but because we are willing to do whatever it takes to clear our own stuff.

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