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Breathwork is a wonderful step on the path but it is not The Path.

A friend once said to me that The Path is not about clinging to happy experiences. He said you need to be willing to let them go so that you can move onto the next batch of experiences, good and bad. The Universe has at the ready whatever it is that you already need. But if you’re holding onto old experiences, even the fantastic ones, there’s no room for new experiences to take up their place.


Breathwork is Path-supportive. As a regular practice, it speeds the process of purification of the subtle energetic system. It is a part, but not the whole, of raising your level of consciousness. An honest teacher will also encourage you to read books of Truth, utilize mantras, meditate and seek out Spiritual Masters.


On the planet right now there exist truly liberated beings. They are out there. Look for them. Spending time in their company will enormously speed your development on The Path.

"Do you know how many paths there are?
 There are 300,000." - Baba Hari Das
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