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Breathwork grew out of the early pioneering work of Leonard Orr in the 1960’s. Originally, he referred to the process as Rebirthing. The term rebirth was used because many people, while in session, had a sensory experience of their own birth.  Rebirthing, however, is not a regression to birth. It is a breathing process. As a result of this process, people not only feel renewed but, they will start to react differently and in a positive way, to things in their own lives.


The fundamental idea is that the natural state of the human being is flow. One of the primary ways we use to stop that flow is to hold the breath. Oftentimes, as a result of painful emotional experiences, we suppress or repress those experiences by restricting our breath. Simply put: we’re not flowing.


Holding onto something requires a huge amount of energy and attention to do so. But when we free that energy, we flow. Part of the power of Breathwork is that it acts as a surfacing agent. When emotions come up, we want to give them their full expression.  As physical and emotional stress is released, energy once impeded now has room to expand and move more freely.


With the clearing of the unconscious, integration between our physical and spiritual self occurs. It’s what allows us to be more present.

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