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The Breathwork I teach is simple, clear and direct. It is energetic work. When practiced, it creates a greater flow of energy in the body.  This energy flow increases our awareness of the experience of ourselves, as it relaxes our defenses against the experience. What the flow cleans from its path and creates, in its essence, is an open conduit to Spirit.


Something we may notice after one session is a deeper, more restful sleep. I have often heard people say to me the next day “I slept like a baby.” Of course you did: a baby suffers no physical or emotional defenses!


Over the course of multiple sessions, the experiences deepen and broaden. I call the process I teach Transformational Breathwork because, with our increased ability to sense, accept and release our thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgment, we undergo a positive transformational shift in our whole attitude towards life. One day you will simply notice that a behavior you once had, that maybe you didn’t like, just isn’t there anymore. It has a “wow” factor.


There are many other subjective benefits as well: We have more energy, less stress, greater mental clarity, inner peace, contentment and even joy. Objectively, pulmonologists report increased heart and lung function, tissue uptake of oxygen is enhanced and electrical activity of the heart improves. Our ability to self-heal the body is the direct quantifiable result of Breathwork.


Practicing Breathwork is a show of love for the body through a spiritual and physical exercise. And it’s all about you. You’re the benefit. You’re the one you’re working on.  You’re the karma!

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